Music from rising country singer songwriter Hudson Rose. 


New single 'Iconic' video coming soon!

'Drivin' To You' video below!

'One More Kiss' video below!

Debut single 'Never See Me Cry' video below!


Drivin' To You

Torn between what you know you should do and what you’re pulled towards? ‘Drivin’ To You’ is about trying to stop yourself from getting in the car to go somewhere you know you shouldn’t go and the inner struggles that go with that - in this case it’s being drawn to the classic ‘bad boy’.

I think this is a relatable song. We all have things we know we shouldn’t do or places we shouldn’t go, but for some reason we are drawn to still do it. There’s an inner struggle that goes with that. To me this song represents that push / pull.”   Hudson Rose

One More Kiss

‘One More Kiss’ is a fun, upbeat summer song about appreciating the little things in life, having dreams, enjoying every moment and doing it with someone special. ‘One More Kiss’ is about living without regrets and doing what makes you happy.  It’s about an ultimate bucket list combined with a fun summer romance.


“Bucket lists can be simple and beautiful or as daring and adventurous as you want them to be – mine has a bit of both.  I think the little things can be just (or more) amazing as the big things. While seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Northern Lights are definitely still on the list, with the year we have had, things like kissing in the rain, learning to dance and horse riding at sunset are even more important than ever.”   Hudson Rose

Never See Me Cry

Debut single from Hudson Rose - Never See me Cry is about everyday situations. There are times when we don’t feel right in our own skin or even in our own home, and while we work through those things, sometimes we don’t want to show these raw emotions to other people. 

Just as every situation grows, builds and changes over time so does the song.

“I am so excited to be releasing my debut single out into the world. Since attending my first Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2017 it is something I have been working towards. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing artists on the track including Jackson James, Bill Chambers, Rhys Zacher, and Jacob Neale,” said Hudson Rose